Wild Rose

Wild Rose | 101mins |


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Film Info
Release Year:2019
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Jessie Buckley
Matt Costello
Jane Patterson
Director:Tom Harper


Rose dreams of becoming a country music star. She's worked hard on her country music cred by doing some time in prison, which may not be enough to get over the fact she's in Glasglow, Scotland. Did you know Glasglow has its own Grand Ole Opry? Well, Rose has led the house band there since she was 14, so nothing is going to stop her. If she can become a country music singer, she can make something of herself. And if she can make something of herself, she can do right by her two kids (Lyle and Wynonna) and prove everyone wrong about her.

With determination and a sense of humor, she manages to get to Nashville. And like thousands before her, that's where the heartbreaks begin. But as a clerk tells her "May all your heartbreaks be songs, and may all of your songs be hits," so, who knows?