Golden Fish, African Fish


Little Roxie Sat, Sep 28, 2019 1:00 PM
Film Info
Director:Thomas Grand
Moussa Diop
Producer:Thomas Grand
Year of Production:2018
Film Type:Feature
Premiere Status:West Coast Premiere
Topic:Activism/People Power
Big Business
Healthy Food Systems
Land Rights
Sustainable Cities
Running Time:60 min.


The Casamance region in the South of Senegal is one of the last areas of traditional fishing in West Africa, and crucial to the food safety of many African countries. But the challenges of industrial fishing companies and harsh working conditions are putting the region in danger of collapse. Issues like affordable living, healthcare, gender equality, deforestation, and human-value versus commodity-value are explored through the fascinating life stories of the people who live there.


- Festival International Pêcheurs du Monde, France - Prix du Jury
- Festival Ecrans Noir, Cameroon - Prix TV5 Monde
- Festival International de Cinéma de Kinshasa, Congo
- Festival Image & Vie, Senegal
- Festival de Films Masuku Nature et Environnement, Gabon
- Festival des Identités Culturelles FESTIC, Burkina Faso
- Festival International du Cinéma Numérique de Cotonou FICNC, Benin
- Toukountchi Festival de Cinéma TFCN, Niger - Best Documentary Prize
- Eko-International Film Festival, Nigeria


Expected Guest: Director Thomas Grand (via Skype)


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Moussa DiopMoussa Diop is a Senegalese filmmaker trained in sound techniques at the National Arts Orchestra of Senegal, and the Blaise Senghor Cultural Center. He is a founding member of the ZideoProd audiovisual production company.


Thomas Grand is a French filmmaker and graduate of Esra (School of Audiovisual Realization) in Paris. He is the Founder and Manager of ZideoProd audiovisual production company.

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