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Shorts Program: The Flood is Coming
Switzerland at Pier 17 Thu, Sep 26, 2019 6:00 PM
Free Event // A collection of new short films from Switzerland that explore our globalized world.
Film Info
Director:Aurèle Ferrier
Year of Production:2017
Film Type:Short Film
Premiere Status:San Francisco
Sustainable Cities
Running Time:13 min.


Transitions is a journey from the civilizing void of the desert to a maximal urban, capitalistic and hedonistic density, which in the case of Las Vegas assumes some bizarre expression. The film is a contemplation without any people or moving machines in it, focussing on the built and designed. Aurèle Ferrier examines the traces left by human civilisation.

Aurele FerrierAurèle Ferrier's video and cinematic works, actions and interventions explore the margins of civilization. His works have received various awards and have been presented in exhibitions and festivals in over 40 countries.