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The Age of Stupid
Little Roxie Sun, Sep 29, 2019 1:00 PM
Franny Armstrong // 10th Anniversary Screening! // 2019 Inspiring Lives Award // In the devastated future, a man looks back at our time.
Film Info
Director:Franny Armstrong
Year of Production:2019
Film Type:Short Film
Topic:Activism/People Power
Sustainable Cities
Running Time:9 min.


Expected Guest: Director Franny Armstrong [via Skype]

Written and directed by The Age of Stupid director Franny Armstrong - and with many of the original film crew returning to work on it - the film starts the late Pete Postlethwaite, Ed Milliband, Jon Snow, Jonathan Pie, Jack Harries, Tamsin Allen, Chris Packham and Caroline Lucas as the inhabitants of a planet uncannily like Earth in which the people are doing everything they can to stop climate change. Who knew our politicians were such good actors?

Franny ArmstrongFranny Armstong is a British documentary film director working for her own company, Spanner Films. She is best known for three films: The Age of Stupid, a reflection from 2055 about climate change, McLibel, about the McDonald's court case and Drowned Out, following the fight against the Narmada Dam Project.