Where Life Begins

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Tribes on the Edge
Roxie Theater Sun, Sep 29, 2019 3:15 PM
Céline Cousteau // Journey to the Brazilian Amazon to bear witness to the indigenous communities' fight for survival.
Film Info
Director:Katie Schuler
Producer:Lulu Gephart
Year of Production:2019
Film Type:Short Film
Healthy Food Systems
Land Rights
Wildlife Protection
Women's Leadership
Running Time:10 min.


Along the Arctic Coast, at the northmost point on American soil, we explore the inseparable bond between mother and child, the sacred and fragile moments after birth and the importance of protecting the place Where Life Begins. This film is an intimate look at the indigenous Gwich’in people, whose way of life has depended on the yearly migration of the Porcupine Caribou for thousands of years.

Katie SchulerKatie Schuler creates award-winning projects which have accrued thousands of views across social media and inspired tangible results on the ground. Her award-winning documentary, Pangolin has reached over 50 million people, winning six Best Short Awards – including Best Short at SFGFF 2017– and joining the NatGeo Short Film Showcase.