Bouquet of Pleasures and Pains, A (shorts)

  • Josephine and the Roach Josephine and the Roach
  • Love In Therapy Love In Therapy
  • Please Hang Up And Try Again Please Hang Up And Try Again
  • Subway Silk Subway Silk
  • Vena Amoris (Vein Of Love) Vena Amoris (Vein Of Love)
  • Winter Shower Winter Shower
  • Your Place Or Mine Your Place Or Mine


Welcome to a delicious variety of expressions on modern love that would have made the ancient Greeks (and their 4 words for love) proud. Seven films of romantic love, love lost, love found, roach love, and everything in between. With Valentine's Day around the corner, fear not–you'll never be alone with this cast of characters. Featuring a wide range of ages and desires, their pleasures and pains might just remind you of a past experience (or two) from your own life.

Films screening in this program:

Your Place or Mine
directed by Jessica Joy Wise | 7 min.

Your Place Or Mine follows the first vital hours when Annie and Danny meet. Will their romance be short-lived or the beginning of lasting love?

Josephine and the Roach
directed by Jonathan Langager | 15 min.

Josephine And The Roach is a surreal, offbeat tale about a cockroach that falls in love with the woman whose apartment he infests. Together, they play beautiful duets on their violin and accordion, only to be interrupted by Josephine’s brutish exterminator husband.

Subway Silk
directed by Jill Clark | 5 min.

A steamy vision of love on a subway train in NYC. The film is part of the New York Subway Film Series, an omnibus collection of films by different directors, based on poems from Token Entry: Poems of the NYC Subway, edited by Gerry LaFemina. Poet, Dean Kostos.

Please Hang Up and Try Again
directed by Eduardo A. Garcia | 15 min.

From the perspective of phone conversations, we follow three lovelorn individuals against the backdrop of a dazzling city, filled with bright and lush colors. One person seeks to end a relationship, the second longs for a past love, and the third initiates a new relationship.

Love in Therapy
directed by Mariko Takai | 9 min.

An aging psychiatrist struggles with her emotions as she decides whether to terminate her relationship with a younger man. Can love transcend age?

Winter Shower
directed by Kyoungju Kim | 15 min.

An eighty-year-old woman goes on journey after receiving a long, awaited letter from a past lover. Winter Shower is a meditative statement on loneliness and coming to terms with the unchangeable past.

Vena Amoris (Vein of Love)
directed by Armando Hermosilla | 16 min.

James is a successful and attractive businessman who will be married tomorrow, but first he must resist a beautiful temptress and endure torture at the hands of his fiancé’s father. Will James’ love be strong enough to reach his wedding day?

Included Shorts

Josephine and the Roach (15min) More
Love In Therapy (9min) More
Please Hang Up And Try Again (15min) More
Subway Silk (5min) More
Vena Amoris (Vein Of Love) (16min) More
Winter Shower (15min) More
Your Place Or Mine (7min) More