Cults, Manholes & Slide Rail Riders (Local Shorts)

  • Kingmaker Kingmaker
  • Slide Rail Superman Slide Rail Superman
  • Baggage Claim Baggage Claim
  • Beginning, The Beginning, The
  • Life Internal Life Internal
  • Manhole 452 Manhole 452
  • Muppetless Movie Muppetless Movie


Join Indiefest for another year of local shorts extravaganza and be the first to discover Bay Area’s up-and-coming directorial talents. Dance to Tremor Low’s Kingmaker. Laugh with hilarious mockumentary Slide Rail Superman and spoof-trailer The Muppetless Movie. Reflect on the meaning of freedom with futuristic sci-fi Life Internal and question justice and fairness with grotesquely animated procedural drama Baggage Claim. Fall in love with The Beginning and My Name Is Your First Love and, finally, be warned about the risks of walking in experimental doc Manhole 452.

Films screening in this program:

directed by Hart Perez and Devon Perez | USA| 4 min.

Have you ever wondered what your “inner demons” look like? In Tremor Low’s latest music video for their hit single “Kingmaker,” a mental patient’s inner demon turns into a frightening reality. In their most recent directing effort, the Perez Brothers (Hart Perez and Devon Perez) compliment the gothic tone of Tremor Low’s music with a film that functions equally as both a horror film and music video. Set in a mid century psychologist’s office, the music video for “Kingmaker” has been descried by the Perez Brothers as, “A Freudian re-imaging of The Exorcist.”

The Beginning
directed by Brian Tolle | USA | 9 mins.

This is the story of Daniel and Richard who, at the end of a passionate tryst, discover a connection, common fears, shared passion and an overwhelming desire to connect. And, so - alone and in the shadows - they decide to fall in love.

Baggage Claim
directed by Teppei Ando | USA | 11 min.

Baggage Claim is perspective bending animated film based on the true court hearings of Winnie Ruth Judd, notoriously known as the 'Trunk Murderess'. Winnie has but one final chance to clear her name and save her own life. Is she really the monster the public sees her as or simply a victim of circumstance? During the course of this film we have the chance to see from both sides of the blame. Her accusers say her brutal crime was done in cold blood. Winnie's version of the events is not so simple. Her dramatic revealing explanation may be her redemption, or perhaps through her deeper into the realm of the damned. Baggage Claim borrows elements from the classic Noir genre while creating something unique, nerve tingling and darkly comic.

The Muppetless Movie
directed by Vincent Gargiulo | USA | 3 min.

Faux-Trailer for 'The Muppetless Movie' with human actors playing the Muppet characters. Kermit & the gang now own a rundown bar but unless they pull together $50,000 they'll be out of business. It's up to them to them, along with guest star Helen Reddy, to put on the show of a lifetime. With six original songs and over 25 Muppet replicas, 'The Muppetless Movie' is a innovative and surreal homage to Jim Henson & his creations.

Manhole 452
12 min.

despite assurances from local municipalities, manholes occasionally blow sky-high, more than most people realize. the fictionalized film is a first person narrative that follows the reflections of a middle-aged man whose car was hit by an exploding manhole; he now rides the geary limited bus the length of geary street to his job fitting prosthetic limbs. the narrative explores his obsession with calculating odds and the possibility of miracles amid random violent occurrence.

Life Internal
directed by Peter Lindsey | USA | 11 min.

Gene lives in The Vault, a walled off Utopian society with an authoritarian leader. Having been told his whole life that the outside world is corrupt, he begins to question everything when he discovers projections of a world beyond his imagination. Gene must decide, does he conform, or rebel?

Slide Rail Superman
20 min.

slide rail superman is a film about a sliderailer named joe pizzetti and his sherpa*, grovesberg. in grovesberg, pizzetti has found a pioneer of pants-sliderail technology and a guy who can carry a lot of gear. in pizzetti, grovesberg has found a man who has an almost religious like devotion to his craft. together, the two men wander the city in search of great hand rails, living the sliderail dream. all is going well for the pair until a worthy opponent comes to town. after an embarrassing showdown and debilitating crash, pizzetti limps into the shadows of paranoia and urban decay until...

note to all sliderail fans: this film features a special appearance by the great mcvail, a "wooder*" and legend in the old guard of sliderail

Included Shorts

Kingmaker (4min) More
Slide Rail Superman (20min) More
Baggage Claim (11min) More
Beginning, The (9min) More
Life Internal (11min) More
Manhole 452 (12min) More
Muppetless Movie (3min) More