Defying the Limits (shorts)

  • Date Setters Date Setters
  • DeafBlind DeafBlind
  • Great Gastromancer, The Great Gastromancer, The
  • La Storia Di Sonia (Sonia's Story) La Storia Di Sonia (Sonia's Story)
  • Man With The Golden Brain, The Man With The Golden Brain, The
  • Vive Le Capital Vive Le Capital


For our 15th Anniversary, we decided to spice things up with a special program dedicated to films that transcend the limitations of cinema. Herein lie 6 mystifying wonders that escape categorization, yet remain accessible to mainstream audiences. Featuring a surreal spaghetti western, a man with a golden brain, people preparing for doomsday in Norway, a Wall Street capitalist divulging his deepest secrets, the zaniest ventriloquist on the planet, and the spiritual struggle of a deaf-blind woman. Fans of David Lynch and weird movies will not be disappointed

Films screening in this program:

La storia di Sonia (Sonia's Story)
directed by Lorenzo Guarnieri | 22 min.

Set in Florence, Italy during the 1970s –- Sonia’s feminine journey from childhood to maturity is juxtaposed with her country’s dark, political history. Utopian ideals and generational conflict merge with Sonia’s surreal, emotional journey.

Date Setters
directed by Alam Ali | 8 min.

Since the dawn of time, man has made hundreds of doomsday predictions, such as December 21, 2012. Sometimes these predictions involve the lives of innocent people. Date Setters is dedicated to them.

The Man with the Golden Brain
directed by Jean Dathanat | 16 min.

Stanley is 7 when he discovers that his brain is made of gold. Years later, his secret changes the lives of everyone he meets. Based on the famous short story, “The Fable of the Man with the Golden Brain” by Alphonse Daudet.

Vive Le Capital
directed by Orit Ben-Shitrit | 15 min.

Pascal worked on Wall Street and surpassed greed to become a prominent philanthropist. Penniless and much older, he confesses his darkest thoughts on money and power through a surreal monologue -- during choreographed dance sequences and elaborate set designs.

directed by Ewan Bailey | 15min. 30 sec.

Maggie is a deaf-blind woman who feels Christ’s presence, despite her deep depression. One day a mysterious man appears beside her. Is he Christ, an angel, or something more sinister?

The Great Gastromancer
directed by Christopher Graybill | 9 min.

Charlie is a ventriloquist living in a confusing world with his dummy, Rudy. When their world turns against them, the two pals experience an enigmatic journey full of pandemonium. Without a doubt, this is the strangest short film at the festival!

Included Shorts

Date Setters (8min) More
DeafBlind (15min) More
Great Gastromancer, The (9min) More
Man With The Golden Brain, The (16min) More
Vive Le Capital (15min) More
La Storia Di Sonia (Sonia's Story) (22min) More