Funeral Kings

charlie funeral kings no title.jpg


Matt and Kevin McManus | USA, 2012 | 85 min.

Charlie and his band of misfit fourteen-year-old friends routinely ditch school under the guise of serving at funerals. When a sixteen year old fellow alter boy, about to be shipped off to juvy, entrust them with his treasure chest of booze, porn, fireworks and firearms; their adventures take on a bit more gravity. A coming of age film that rings truer than most with leads their stated age and no curbing of the cussing and crude conversation; Funeral Kings delivers the awkward laughs and cringe- enducing moments that one associates with adolescence.

"The cockeyed coming-of-age comedy Funeral Kings is not only based on the well-founded premise that 14-year-old boys are inherently laughable, it features one who's genuinely hilarious (newcomer Alex Maizus). A raggedy but refreshing yarn about the near-terminal condition known as male adolescence, this effort from sibling helmers Kevin and Matthew McManus boasts a freewheeling vulgarity that would surely earn it an R rating, thus keeping its prime audience in the parking lot. At the same time, it could become one of those films by which an age group defines itself, sort of like a John Hughes comedy with nicotine stains." - Variety