Ghastly Love of Johnny X, The

sfindiefest jx_15.jpg


Paul Bunnell | USA, 2012 | 106 min. | 35mm

Will Keenan (Tromeo and Juliet, IndieFest ‘12‘s Chop) is Jonathan Xavier a bad boy alien who has been exiled to Earth from the far reaches of outer space with his devoted misfit gang. Johnny's former girlfriend Bliss has left him and stolen his Resurrection Suit, a cosmic, mind-bending uniform that gives the owner power over others. Bliss and her new beau, the ice cream slinging sensitive Chip are on the run with Johnny and his goons in hot pursuit of the suit! An epic black and white sci-fi musical spectacle!

"This one just looks great, shot on the very last of Kodak's black-and-white Plus-X film stock. This is how black and white should look! The cinematography works the stock fantastic as well, and helps make this musical look as slick as the characters are cool."

Screens with:

Every Little Thing You Love
directed by J.P. Disciscio | 2012 | 10 min.

A lonely girl falls in love with an alien in this silent short set to the music of The Bynars