Ghosts with Shit Jobs


Chris McCawley, Jim Morrison, Jim Munroe, Tate Young | Canada, 2012 | 90mins.

California Premiere!

“Ingenious....A gripping movie that uses cleverness, not CGI, to paint a vivid and satirical future.” –Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing

“Brilliant...Will leave you emotionally shaken, your brain teeming with weird new ideas...” –IO9

In 2040, a generation of Torontonians have grown up after the economic collapse of the west. The movie consists of episodes of a documentary series popular in mainland China about the bad jobs some white people have -- the plucky and resilient souls unlucky enough to be born into the slums of North America are both amusing and moving to the Chinese audience.

Oscar is a digital janitor, and has to manually cover up logos for copyright reasons in the future's answer to Google StreetView maps. Gary and Karen assemble robot baby dolls for the children of the wealthy in Asia. Anton and Toph are spider silk collectors. Serina is human spam and makes a living by mentioning brands and products in casual conversation.