Hilarious & Entertaining Adventures (shorts)

  • Antoine Et Les Heros (Antoine and the Heroes) Antoine Et Les Heros (Antoine and the Heroes)
  • Best If Used By Best If Used By
  • Born To Dance This Way Born To Dance This Way
  • Keep The Fire Keep The Fire
  • Looking For Mr. Coffee Looking For Mr. Coffee
  • O.V.N.I. (U.F.O) O.V.N.I. (U.F.O)
  • The Strange World of Max X. - Office Paperwork The Strange World of Max X. - Office Paperwork


Looking for a good time? Tired of depressing short films? We’ve scoured the planet for the most funny and entertaining flicks imaginable, resulting in the best creations from America, France, Germany, and Australia. Featuring a quirky 20-year-old widow, erotic coffee, Kenny Loggins (Keep the Fire!), UFOs, a screwball office worker, paranoid homophobes, the best pop group dancer in the world, and a horror-karate French extravaganza. Be prepared! If you come to these films after a bad day, you’ll leave with a smile lasting until tomorrow.

Films screening in this program:

Best If Used By
directed by Aemilia Scott | 23 min.

Maggie loves her job at the grocery store, and loves her boyfriend Max. But when Max suddenly dies, she can’t cope with the reality. Desperate, Maggie decides to take matters into her own hands -- risking her job and own life to hilarious results.

Looking for Mr. Coffee
directed by Josh Apter | 2 min.

You start your morning with coffee everyday, but what if you really knew how your brew thought and felt? This erotic film offers insight into a secret world. Proceed with caution.

Keep The Fire
directed by Jake Rice | 13 min.

During a present day music snob’s listening party, a visitor presents a copy of Kenny Loggins’ 1979 classic album Keep The Fire. Despite ridicule, the album gets its due spin and we are transported back in time to the legendary recording session that birthed not just incredible music, but also a mystical album cover.

O.V.N.I. (U.F.O)
directed by Guillaume Niquet | 6 min. 30 sec.

Marianne walks the streets of the city, slowly sinking into madness. Do her senses deceive her or is the world really against her?

directed by Peter Slee | 5 min.

Do you remember the fear over Y2K in 1999? A new threat has arrived! The Australian government has decided to legalize gay marriage and Mick is hiding in a bunker, preparing for the worst.

The Strange World of max x. - Office Paperwork
directed by Dave Packer | 3 min.

Max’s work never ends at the office. There’s always a pile of paperwork in front of him, until one day he snaps with screwball results.

Born to Dance This Way
directed by Jerell Rosales | 12 min.

Joo Si is a fierce, fabulous, and overweight backup dancer in Los Angeles. He gets the chance of a lifetime when auditioning for the sexy female pop sensation, The 4Play Ladies. We learn of the hard work and sacrifice that caused Joo Si to get his shot at fame and impress the world.

Antoine et les héros (Antoine and the Heroes)
directed by Patrick Bagot | 20 min.

Set in the 1970’s, a B-film obsessed teenager named Antoine doesn’t want to miss the last two movie screenings of his favorite actor and actress, but both films are playing at the same time in different rooms. Running from room to room, Antoine falls, hits his head, and loses consciousness. We enter Antoine’s subconscious realm as all hell (literally) breaks lose!

Included Shorts

Antoine Et Les Heros (Antoine and the Heroes) (20min) More
Best If Used By (23min) More
Born To Dance This Way (12min) More
Keep The Fire (13min) More
Looking For Mr. Coffee (2min) More
O.V.N.I. (U.F.O) (6min) More
The Strange World of Max X. - Office Paperwork (3min) More
Y2GAY (5min) More