I Declare War


Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson | Canada 2012 | 91mins. | Print Source: Samaritan Entertainment

West Coast Premiere!

Every day after school, two groups of kids play “war” in a local forest. They make their own guns out of sticks or old toys, anything they can find. But in their minds these makeshift weapons are the real thing. AK-47s. Grenade launchers. Even a pair of eyes that shoot lasers. It’s all fun and games, until one afternoon when things gets a little out of hand as bullies, pre-teen crushes, and popularity contests all come into play on the battlefield. Their friendships, loyalties and the tactics of their “game” are tested to the ultimate degree and, like their adult counterparts in the “real” world, find that victory and defeat are celebrated and suffered in equal proportion. (ActionFest)