Innocence Bursting (shorts)

  • 88 Miles to Moscow 88 Miles to Moscow
  • Los Avions Que Se Caen (Falling Planes) Los Avions Que Se Caen (Falling Planes)
  • My Name is Your First Love My Name is Your First Love
  • Pareto Principle Pareto Principle
  • The Runner The Runner
  • Worlds We Created Worlds We Created


At what age do people grow up? What does “coming of age” mean today? Welcome back to childhood and adolescence, when the world feels more complicated and sinister than ever. Experience innocence bursting with 6 films from Cuba, America, and South Africa. Featuring young women and men at the brink of extraordinary life changes –- through love, money, family, friendship, and fame. These short masterpieces are glimpses into the souls of contemporary youth, so that we may understand them better.

Films screening in this program:

88 Miles to Moscow
directed by Karen Glienke | 20 min.

When 15-year-old Niki sneaks off a train for a quick smoke, she stumbles into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with her ex-con dad, very nosy mom, and a young Russian garbage man.

Pareto Principle
directed by Beneyam Wolde-Yohannes | 16 min.

African-American teenagers Jon and Chris have been poor their entire lives. When they discover a mysterious bag of money, their morals, values, and friendship are put to the test. Will wealth determine Jon and Chris’ fate?

Worlds We Created
directed by Nicholas Santos | 10 min.

On a routine day, a young boy plays with his friend and a bully. Suddenly, their fantasy world transforms into a nightmare and their lives are forever changed.

The Runner
directed by Parker Ellermen | 9 min.

An impoverished 10-year-old boy from Cape Town, South Africa needs money for his mother’s critical surgery. Can you do something bad to achieve good in the world?

My Name is Your First Love
directed by Rob Richert | 14 min.

Set in 1980’s suburbia, a pre-teen named Christian is employed as a gardener by his new neighbor, Gena -– a trashy but beautiful woman in her mid-20’s. Christian experiences the pleasures and pains of his crush on Gena.

Los Aviones Que Se Caen (Falling Planes)
directed by Mario Piredda | 12 min.

In the outskirts of Havana, Hugo dreams of baseball. On one rainy day he will become a champion.

Included Shorts

88 Miles to Moscow (20min) More
Los Avions Que Se Caen (Falling Planes) (12min) More
My Name is Your First Love (14min) More
Pareto Principle (16min) More
The Runner (9min) More
Worlds We Created (10min) More