Inside Lara Roxx



Mia Donavan | Canada, 2011 | 81min.

West Coast Premiere!

Lara Roxx was a woman in her early twenties, recently migrated from her Quebec home to seek fame and fortune in the mecca of adult entertainment, Los Angeles. In less than two months Lara contracts HIV from unprotected sex with an on-camera partner and is ejected from the business. First-time filmmaker Mia Donovan follows Lara several years later as she attempts to confront the industry that failed to protect her and rebuild her life.

"Eventually, one concludes that Inside Lara Roxx is no exercise in prurience bur rather a bearing witness. Donovan works hard and with considerable thoroughness to contextualize Roxx’s situation, to try to make us sympathize with her frequently infuriating subject without getting bathetic. There is hope at the end of Inside Lara Roxx. Not enough to make you break out singing “Girl, you’re going to make it after all,” but enough to suggest there is a way ahead."- Globe and Mail