International Sign For Choking, The

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Zach Weintraub | Argentina/USA, 2012 | 80 min.

Josh (played by writer/director Zach Weintraub), a would-be expatriate from the US, is living in Buenos Aires with the primary purpose of producing a film, but he can’t seem to get the project started. Seeking inspiration, Josh wanders the streets and countryside interacting with tourists and locals. The vibrant Argentinean surroundings serve stark contrast to his own cloudy internal landscape as he aimlessly pursues an unidentified objective. A subject for his film? A lost love? A new friend? Desperately seeking a connection, he finds himself in a love triangle with Anna, a fellow America, and Roger, a local musician. Weintraub delves deep into the interpersonal relationships while exploring themes of isolation, loneliness and longing in this deeply personal film.