Last Elvis, The

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Armando Bo | Argentina 2012 | 90min. | Print Source: K&S Films

Armando Bo’s phenomenal debut tells of a divorced singer who lives as if he were the reincarnation of The King. A factory worker by day and small-time star by night, Carlos “Elvis” Gutiérrez has built his entire life, such as it is, around this borrowed identity. In his shabby, barely furnished apartment, his small-screen viewing consists entirely of Presley concerts and interviews. He insists on calling his ex-wife Priscilla, though her name is Alejandra; their young daughter - whom he is largely estranged from - is naturally named Lisa Marie. Forced to care for Lisa Marie when his ex is suddenly hospitalized, a bond develops, but the dream of being Elvis remains all too powerful in this tale of obsession and delusion punctuated by brilliant musical performances. Anchored by a knockout performance by real-life Elvis Presley tribute artist John McInerny, Bo’s sympathetic character study focuses on the emptiness of one man’s life as he braces for his last stand. (Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter)