Legend of Kaspar Hauser, The

Gallo - Alta risoluzione.jpg


Davide Manuli | Italy 2012 | 95min. | Print Source: Intramovies

California Premiere!

“Trippy, ludicrous and essential.” (Bullet)

Pure eye and ear candy set on the island of Sardinia, with Vincent Gallo in dual roles as a Warholian superstar sheriff and drug pusher, an androgynous idiot savant/club kid who comes ashore adorned in rave garb, a Vitalic full court soundsystem soundtrack and the droll, mannered work of the über-talented Davide Manuli. Shot in widescreen black-and-white, Manuli mixes tropes from desert westerns, Jodorowsky and Buñuelian slapstick surrealism, Antonioni and Roeg-esque speculative sci-fi, and all the best trappings of Buster Keaton and William Burroughs to update the legend of the boy (here played by a girl, Silvia Calderoni) known as Kaspar Hauser. Nuremberg 1828 becomes Italy at an indeterminate time, and the sheriff, convinced the spaced-out arrival is the second coming of the Messiah, has to contend with the powers that be. (Madeleine Molyneaux, Festival du nouveau cinema)