80s Power Ballad Sing A Long




Music Videos / Mass Karaoke!

Valentine’s Day—For most of the country, a time to blow some cash on a “romantic” restaurant and pretend like love is forever.

In San Francisco, we know better: tables at good restaurants are only available on random Tuesdays, and if love is forever, why did God make Breakup Songs? Which, by the way, are some of the BEST SONGS EVER. Do you wave a lighter in your expensive restaurant to “That’s Amore?” No. You wave a lighter to “You Give Love A Bad Name.” Until your fingers burn! Do you sing along to the oh-so-romantic “La Vie En Rose?” Of course not; nobody knows the words to that song. What you sing along to is 80s POWER BALLADS. Until you’re hoarse. So dust off that old Warrant t-shirt and join us for the beloved San Francisco anti-Valentine’s Day tradition of mass karoke in a crowded movie theater. LOVE BITES!