Shorts VI: Youth Films (18 and under)

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Hollywood TheatreSun, Mar 10, 2013 12:00 PM Event Date Passed
Series:POWFest 2013
Film Info
Genre:Shorts Collection
Run Time:1hr 17mins
Cast & Crew


Washing Away 19 MIN / USA DIR: Kendall Goldberg
Washing Away is a series of romantic vignettes that look into the lives of two families in the 1960s, where love transcends time and space.

The Edge of Dartmoor 10 MIN / United Kingdom } DIR: Nathalie Abbott
David Edge has chosen a controversial way of life in a van on Dartmoor, but can he really exist in a happy and self-sustainable lifestyle?

Letting Go 8 MIN / USA } DIR: Cameron MacKenzie
A short film about a tough-minded girl who goes through different stages of grief after the death of someone important to her until she discovers it is OK to go on as the land around her goes on.

There's No Shame in AIDS 16 MIN / USA DIR: Nicole Calandra
Using interviews with youth and adults in Greenwich, CT, the film explores the continuing stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, despite monumental gains in knowledge and treatment of the disease over the past 30 years.

Killer App 1 MIN / USA DIR: Elizabeth Herrick
A young girl runs into some problems, when her father asks her to do some gardening.

The Letter { 5 MIN / Canada DIR: Kora Vanderlip
Jesse Miles has been trapped in a routine life for as long as he can remember. When an opportunity arises to follow his dream, he must make a choice that will change his life forever.

Never Ever 10 MIN / Canada } DIR: Nicole Provost
After unintentionally being made aware of the responsibilities and nostalgia that greet you when you enter the adult world, Jenna and Melanie promise each other that they will never grow up.

Recipe for Love 3 MIN / Canada DIR: Gwyneth Christoffel
A lonely cupcake sees other couples in the kitchen enjoying each others company, and decides that she needs a friend.

Versus 3 MIN / USA } DIR: Danae Fishman, Hannah Christman, Shannon MacIntyre
The film depicts the contrast between a drab and illuminated day, promoting the viewer to open their eyes, and change their ways.

When I Met Dottie 2 MIN / Canada } DIR: Maezy Dennie, Medina Dennie, Xstine Cook
A young girl makes an unusual discovery in her uncle's playhouse, leading to a conversation about the nature of love.

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