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Series Info
Series:Bijou Horizons
Film Info
Runtime:78 minutes
Director:Jaume Balageuro
Paco Plaza
Year Released:2007
Production Country:Spain


Presented by the Bijou Film Board, and as part of Bijou's Horizons program.
FREE for UI students (present student ID at box office) and $7.00 for the general public!

"A brilliantly staged early scare signals that the safety rails are off and, despite an unexpected, last-minute swerve into the supernatural realm, the edge-of-the-seat tension is sustained to the very last second." - Time Out

"Not since John Carpenter's one-shot intro to 'Halloween' has POV horror been this good." -

"This short, stripped-down, first-person horror picture delivers some brutally effective shocks and gradually conjures a haunting atmosphere of ever-escalating panic and despair." - Miss FlickChick

Reporter Angela and her trusty cameraman Pablo are following a local fire crew for a segment of their reality television series "When You're Asleep" when the firefighters receive a distress call from a nearby apartment building. An elderly woman has become locked in her apartment; a routine call by any account. Upon arriving at the building, everything appears normal. But the calm atmosphere betrays the horrors that begin to unfold after the firemen break down the tenant's door and experience something that no one would ever believe had it not been captured on camera.