Bettie Page Reveals All

Film Info
Director:Mark Mori
Film Category:Biography
Pop Culture
Running Time:102
Year of Release:2012


Make way for the most photographed pin-up, nude, and fetish model of the 20th century: Bettie Page. Through narrating her own life story just years before her death, Bettie Page recounts how her unabashed sexual expression and sexually provocative fetish poses set the stage for the 1960’s Sexual Revolution, and ushered in a new style of fashion to popular culture.

As a woman in an era when women were second-class citizens, Bettie Page was continually ostracized throughout her life. But, by her strength and dignity, she persevered to become the world’s greatest pin-up model and international sex icon.

Featuring rare photographs, unseen images from private collections, and commentary from people who knew her, photographed her, and made love to her.

The attitude Bettie dished out in her fetish photos was so salacious that she was targeted by a 1955 Senate investigative committee, as a source of teenage-induced depravity. Her life experiences ranged from idyllic legends to nightmarish realities. All the while, Bettie hid her private life from fans.

As the first and only authorized Bettie Page film biography, the "Queen of Curves" emerges from 40 years of enigmatic seclusion to tell her story in her own words. More popular today than Marilyn Monroe, she is regularly discovered by young men and women who thrive on the art of tease amid our hyper-sexualized society. Featuring interviews with: Hugh Hefner, Dita Von Teese, Rev. Robert Schuller, Olivia, Bunny Yeager, and Tempest Storm. (JMG)