Bold Docs

Film Info
Director:Shorts Program
Running Time:82
Year of Release:2013


These docs, tinker, play and roam all over the idea of what a documentary can do. SFDocFest is proud to show you these selected shorts including:

SKINNINGGROVE (Michael Almereyda, 15min, UK) Photographer Chris Killip wanders through some previously unpublished photographs drawing together a rich portrait of remote small town life in England.

EVERY SPEED (Directed by Julia Fuller, 15min, US) a meditation on movement in different bodies with and without disabilities.

ANIMATION HOTLINE (directed by Tony Tan, 6 min, US) animated representations of voicemails left on a machine in Animation Hotline. Tony Tan set up an answering machine in his house that anyone could call and leave a message. From the bizarre stories and confession he set about animating them, giving them voice in a film.

BUFFALO MUST DIE (Jesse Veverka, 10min, US/Indonesia) a direct and visceral portrait of ritual buffalo slaughters in Tana Toraja, Indonesia. While this film is not for the faint at heart, it is great example of what the camera can show and hide to influence our experience of cinema.

UTC (directed by Meredith Lackey, 15 min, US) a fascinating look into human life through the collections of live streaming web cameras around the world. Whether it is in a landfill in America or and elementary school in Japan, live streaming cameras are everywhere and likewise this film captures the bizarre over saturation of an eye in our daily lives.

NILE PERCH (directed by Josh Gibson, 17min, US) a poetic look into fishermen on Lake Victoria tying into issues of globalization in the modern world. The film was shot on 16mm black and white film and hand processed giving a completely original view of the land, the fishermen and the process.

These films thrive in uncertainty, play with the audience, and provide an intimate look at what the individual ‘sees’ in a modern world.