Complaints Choir

Film Info
Director:Ada Bligaard Søby
Film Category:Art
Running Time:56
Year of Release:2009
Premiere:California Premiere


Complaints Choir is an acclaimed documentary-musical by the same director of this year's Petey & Ginger.

"What are you complaining about?" This is the question that two Finnish performance artists have traveled the four corners of the globe for, in this entertaining ride through society's psyche.

Their aim is not to pour salt in the wounds of the world's grumpy complainers, but to let everyone vent their dissatisfaction about everything from parking fines to climate change, in a liberating chorus of beautiful harmonies.

All goes well until the Singapore government refuses to grant a performance permit, setting off a debate in the country and attention from the U.S. State Department.

Complaints Choir will entertain and enlighten even the worst complainers! Score by Danish electronica producer, Trentemueller. (JMG)

Plays With:

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