C-Rock 1.jpg
Film Info
Director:Shorts Program
Running Time:70
Year of Release:2013


What to do with an awkward length film….? Give them their own program! Welcome to featurettes, not a short, not yet a feature length film. This year the line up:

C-ROCK (Directed by Jordan Roth, 30min, US) structured around a cliff painted over with a giant ‘c’, we watch a generation of kids grow up around jumping off it, the older kids basking in the glory of past feats jumping off the cliff and the later generation reflecting on the times when they were kids jumping off the cliff. This slice of Americana plays out as if John Steinbeck had written the screenplay.

STRAIGHT WITH YOU (Directed by Randy Vermeulen, 18min, Netherlands) eleven year old Melvin has a secret: he is not into girls. He wants to be a hairdresser and loves singing along with Lady Gaga. We get to watch him during this phase in his life as he starts to discover more about him what the future entails.

LIVING INSIDE OUT (Erin Persley, 22 min, US) following the lives of three bay area women and the lasting impressions of incarceration after getting out.

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