Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Film Info
Director:Mike Lerner
Maxim Pozdorovkin
Film Category:International
Poilitics/Social Justice
Running Time:90
Year of Release:2013
Premiere:California Premiere


Winner of a Special Jury Prize at Sundance, Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer follows three young Russian women who face seven years in prison for a satirical music performance in a Moscow cathedral. But who is really on trial?

Filmed over the course of six months, this beguiling documentary tells the story of three young women: Nadia, Masha and Katia.

As members of the feminist punk music group Pussy Riot, their trial has reverberated around the world, winning the support of musicians: Bjork, Beastie Boys, Peter Gabriel, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Sting, and Patti Smith.

Exploring the bizarre and intricate twists of the trial, we observe three young women who fight back against a justice system that seems impervious to logic. From exclusive interviews with family, friends, and members of Pussy Riot while imprisoned, we learn what transformed these women from political activists to modern day icons. (JMG)

Official selection at the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, and Hot Docs.