The Women and The Passenger

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Film Info
Director:Patricia Correa
Valentina Mac-Pherson
Film Category:International
Running Time:45
Year of Release:2012


Four women talk about their experiences with love, romance, and sexual intimacy while working as housemaids in a sex hotel in Chile.

They work in motel El Pasajero, where the guests (or passengers) usually don’t stay longer than a few hours. The rooms are designed so that couples can indulge their carnal passions. The four women change beds, polish mirrors, and energetically wipe down a clinical-looking sex chair –- while being interviewed about their own love lives.

We don’t see or hear much of these guests, other than the odd leg, disembodied voices and increasingly as the film progresses –- moaning. They are filmed nonchalantly, from a strange, accidental-looking angle -- as if they are not important. The visitors are just extras in this love story.

How else could you get a positive view of love in a place like this? We follow four female cleaners during their daily rounds.

In spite of everything they see and hear at work, their idea of love is strikingly romantic. They put negative experiences into perspective, while positive ones make them blush. Working in this motel hasn’t made them cynical about love, but believe in it all the more!

Winner of an Audience Award at the 25th International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam. (JMG)

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