Infinity and Chashu Ramen


Camera 3 Cinema Sat, Aug 17, 2013 12:00 PM
Film Info
Director:Kerwin Berk


Bay Area filmmaker, Kerwin Berk's INFINITY & CHASHU RAMEN, comically portrays unseen spirits as they roam the streets of Japantown, a sleepy little neighborhood nestled in the heart of San Francisco. A mischievous 400-year-old obake named Tenshi ran the place by himself but today he has reluctantly taken on the duty of showing young Lucy Yamaguchi the ropes. Together they wander in and out of the lives of the unsuspecting residents of majestic Japantown, while stumbling upon the neighborhood's tempting delicacies and local traditions, altering the course of their existence as they try to keep the universe running smoothly. And while the precarious characters will entertain you, the charming and familiar scenes of Japantown will pull at your San Francisco heart strings.

In attendance: Director Kerwin Berk with cast and crew.

Copresented by Contemporary Asian Theater Scene (CATS) and Asian Americans for Community Involvement