The King of Comedy

U.S., 1982, 109 min, 4K DCP, Dir. Martin Scorsese, Rated PG


Coral Gables Art Cinema Sat, Oct 12 11:30 PM


Rupert Pupkin (Robert de Niro) is an unfunny social misfit who desperately wants to launch his comedy career. After a chance encounter with his idol, late-night host Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis), Rupert believes his big break is in sight and tries to spur it along with a kidnapping. The King of Comedy is an underrated gem in Martin Scorsese’s career that shows his versatility as a director, stepping away from his usual Mafioso-fueled films toward a pitch black comedy that skewers the celebrity-obsessed culture. De Niro himself turns in a creepy yet sympathetic performance that gives his own portrayals of Travis Bickle and Jake LaMotta a run for their money. It’s no wonder that Todd Phillips heavily draws from the film for his Joker and casting De Niro as the Langford character against Joaquin Phoenix’s Pupkin.