The Evil Dead

U.S., 1982, 85 min, 4K DCP, Dir. Sam Raimi, Rated R


Coral Gables Art Cinema Sat, Oct 19 11:30 PM


A group of friends vacation in a cabin in the woods where they discover an audio tape that, when played, releases a demonic entity. One by one, the friends succumb to the demon until only one is left to fight the evil – with chainsaw in hand. Although passed over by multiple studios who deemed it too graphic, The Evil Dead was a critical and commercial success upon release. It launched the careers of director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell, terrifying an entire generation thanks to a combination of inventive cinematography (this is where Raimi created his patented “shaky cam”) and bloody disgusting effects work. Newly restored in 4K by Grindhouse Releasing under the auspices of Raimi and featuring a terrifying new soundtrack by original composer Joe LoDuca, you’ve never seen – or heard – The Evil Dead like this!