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Series Info
Series:New Release Films
Film Info
Runtime:124 minuntes
Director:Noah Hawley
Year Released:2019
Production Country:USA


"An amusing, disquieting footnote to the triumphant story of space travel." - Guardian

"It's rare to see such immense impulse given the time and space of Lucy in the Sky - an illogical unsettled and entertaining picture." - Culture Whisper

"Portman delivers one of the most moving performances of her career." - NOW Toronto

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Toronto International Film Festival

In Lucy in the Sky, Natalie Portman plays Lucy Cola, a strong woman whose determination and drive as an astronaut take her to space, where she is deeply moved by the transcendent experience of seeing her life from afar. Back home as Lucy's world suddenly feels too small, her connection with reality slowly unravels.