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NORTH BY NORTHWEST Cary Grant teams with director Alfred Hitchcock for the fourth and final time as a Madison Avenue advertising executive with a serious case of bad timing as he is mistaken for a spy, sending him on a 3,000-mile chase across the country. Eva Marie Saint, James Mason and Martin Landau co-star in this vastly entertaining romantic thriller, featuring the signature crop-duster chase set piece, a grand climax on Mount Rushmore, and one of Bernard Herrmann’s most stirring scores. (1959, 131 min, 35mm) + TORN CURTAIN This espionage yarn stars Paul Newman as an American physicist who plans to defect to East Germany and hand over important secrets to the communists. But his scheme turns out to be more complicated when it's discovered he has a different plan that will place him, along with his secretary and fiancée (Julie Andrews), in danger. For his 50th film, Hitch orchestrated Newman engaged in the most brutal death struggle yet filmed. (1966, 128 min, DCP)