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FRANKENSTEIN Still regarded as the definitive film version of Mary Shelley’s classic tale of tragedy and horror, James Whale’s low budget wonder made unknown character actor Boris Karloff a new icon of terror. Working closely with production designer Danny Hall and make-up artist Jack Pierce, Whale created some of the most archetypal images in cinema. (1931, 72 min, DCP) + BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN The elegantly eccentric Dr. Praetorious compels Dr. Frankenstein to build a mate for his monster. An amazing Elsa Lanchester plays both the bride and Mary Shelley, joined by Karloff, Colin Clive and the incredible Ernest Thesinger. A rare case of the sequel improving upon its source, James Whale’s indescribably stylish, witty and grotesque film remains a wholly original creation to this day. (1935, 75 min, DCP)