Chauncey -Theater 2 Wed, Jan 1 10:00 PM
Series Info
Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
Film Info
Runtime:76 minutes
Director:Jim Wynorski (Deathstalker II)
Year Released:1986
Production Country:USA


Wednesdays get weird when Late Shift hosts Ross Meyer, Joe Derderian and Aaron Holmgren dig up low-budget b-movies, horror and gore-fests, and camp classics for your viewing pleasure. Buy your ticket and take a ride in our Time Machine! Punch in and earn a bonus! $3 Big Grove Boomtown Ale tallboys and $2 small popcorn! PLUS -- special custom trash trailer reel curated by Ross with cheap swag and prize giveaways!


"Small budget thrills from Jim Wynorski featured his usual mix of T&A, camp thrills and gory highlights."
- Ken Kish, Cinema Wasteland

"Includes one humdinger of an exploding head gag, too; perhaps the finest one since the bespectacled, balding bozo blew his brain pan out in Scanners." - Chas. Balun, The Gore Score

"Features brief in-joke cameos from Roger Corman actors like Dick Miller, Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov, and Mel Welles and topless scenes by the female stars Kelli Maroney, Barbara Crampton, and Suzanne Slater." - Michael J. Weldon, The Psychotronic Video Guide

Producer Julie Cormon (Saturday the 14th) and director Jim Wynorski (The Return of Swamp Thing) put the pedal to the metal for Chopping Mall, a joyous hybrid of Friday the 13th and Dawn of the Dead...with robots! A group of horny teens, including Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator) and Kelli Maroney (Night of the Comet), sneak into a mall. But they soon film themselves confronted with a team of blood-thirsty, high-tech Robo-killers. Packed with familiar faces from the Roger Corman stable (Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov, Dick Miller), this movie crams more slit-throats, lasers and exploding robots into 76 minutes than most filmmakers can muster in an entire career.

Plus the short film: 

Soul Food

directed by Gerardo Chierchia

David and Anastasia meet over lunch to try to resolve their differences. Their relationship has not been that good lately. Something is eating away at them.