At the Video Store



Pickford Film Center Thu, Jan 16 8:00 PM
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Presented by Film Is Truth 24 Times a Second Director James Westby in attendance! Join us before the film for a champagne reception and stick around afterwards for a Q&A with the director. An underground community of lovable weirdos has preserved the endangered species of mom n’ pop video rental stores across the United States; each has stayed valiantly afloat amid the rising tide of automated rentals and streaming services. At the Video Store is a loving ode to the art of connection and curation at these remaining independent rental outlets. Director Westby weaves together the macro-narrative of the industry’s changing business model with the intimate memories of store owners and cinema icons like John Waters, Nicole Holofcener, Gus Van Sant, and Bill Hader. While nostalgic for what was lost, the film is hopeful about what neighborhood video stores can still offer a world starved for novelty and authentic human interaction.