The Invisible Witness (Il testimone invisibile)


Vogue Theatre Fri, Nov 22, 2019 9:15 PM
Film Info
Running Time:102 min.
Language:Italian with English subtitles
Director:Stefano Mordini
Warner Bros. Italia
in collaboration with Trentino Film Commission
Screenwriter:Stefano Mordini
Massimiliano Catoni
from the movie "The Invisible Guest - Contratiempo" by Oriol Paulo
Cinematographer:Gigi Martinucci
Editor:Massimo Fiocchi
Music:Fabio Barovero
Cast:Riccardo Scamarcio
Miriam Leone
Fabrizio Bentivoglio
Maria Paiato
Sara Cardinaletti
Nicola Pannelli
Sergio Romano
Paola Sambo
Gerardo De Blasio
Alessandra Carrillo


Adriano wakes up in a hotel room next to the dead body of his lover, Laura. The door is locked from the inside and there is no evidence of anybody else in the room. Despite he claims his innocence, the man is charged with murder and chooses Virginia Ferrara, a veteran criminal attorney who has never lost a trial, to decide the defensive strategy. The two have only three hours to prepare the case, discredit a key witness who’s accusing Adriano, and find the key evidence confirming his innocence. Back to the wall, Adriano is forced to tell the full truth to the lawyer…

Co-presented by BAIA - Business Association Italy America San Francisco.

Additional Information

Born in Marradi, in the 1990s Stefano Mordini worked as an executive producer and director for St / art, producer of documentaries, commercials and short films. He produced the short film Percorsi, which earned him a mention at the Bellaria festival. His first fiction work, the short I ladri, was screened at the Venice Festival in 1996. Among his productions are Faber and Comizi d'amore by Bruno Bigoni and Gladiatori by Maria Martinelli. Mordini directed Paz '77 (2000) on the figure of Andrea Pazienza and Arbitri on the world of soccer referees, both made for TELE +, and the documentary L'allievo modello, selected for the Buenos Aires Festival. In 2005 he directed his first feature film, Provincia meccanica, with Stefano Accorsi and Valentina Cervi, in competition at the Berlin Festival and candidate for the David di Donatello and the Nastri d'argento. In 2006 he edited the documentary My Elections, portraying the Italian election day through the eyes of 150 Italian video makers who posted their videos on the web. In 2007 he produced and directed Il confine, a documentary on the Islamic communities in Italy; in 2009 Come mio padre, on paternity in Italy; in 2010 Io che sarò Roberto Baggio, a documentary series dedicated to the famous soccer player. In 2012 he directed and presented at the Venice Film Festival his second feature film, Acciaio, based on the novel of the same name by Silvia Avallone.