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Series:National Theatre Live
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Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:217 minutes
Director:Lyndsey Turner
Year Released:2019
Production Country:UK


National Theatre Live is presented in partnership with the Englert Theatre.
Sponsored by M.C. Ginsberg.

"Benedict Cumberbatch is a blazing, five star Hamlet." - Daily Telegraph

"This is a Hamlet for a world on the edge. A warning from history, and a plea for new ideas from a new generation." - Variety

"One of the most visually and atmospherically stunning productions I've ever seen, of anything, ever." - Time Out

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Doctor Strange) plays the title role of Shakespeare's great tragedy. As a country arms itself for war, a family tears itself apart. Forced to avenge his father's death but paralyzed by the task ahead, Hamlet rages against the impossibility of his predicament, threatening both his sanity and the security of the state.