Character Workshop with Brian Palermo of The Groundlings



Expand your improv repertoire by adding Characters to your work! Performing Characters allows you to play with infinite points of view (instead of just your own) and heightens your engagement with audiences. But creating, and developing, characters that work well with improv is challenging. Learn how in this Character workshop taught by Brian Palermo, an alumnus of The Groundlings Theatre in Hollywood which also trained Kristen Wiig, Maya RudolphWill Ferrell, Melissa McCarthy and many more.This workshop will specifically focus on:– Different techniques to Create Characters from varied sources– How to develop characters that are Grounded enough to be Believable -yet exaggerated enough to be funny (and fun to play)– Characters that operate from a strong Point of View. Characters that are most effective are a lot more than just an eccentric voice or an odd physicality.