Kevin McDonald Workshop: Making a Sketch Comedy Show


Speechless Sat, Jan 18, 2020 10:00 AM


Join Kevin McDonald - the weakest but most fun member of the Kids in the Hall - as he teaches the old Kid in the Hall method of writing comedy sketches through improv.

The students have to come to class with 1 or 2 premises for a comedy sketch, like "What if a guy was $10 short of being a millionaire". Kevin starts off the day talking about comedy and teaches the KITH method of writing sketches through improv. He might tell a few KITH anecdotes. He might tell too many. You might have to ask him to stop telling KITH anecdotes.

Kevin picks 4 or 5 of those premises, puts everyone into groups, and then they spend the rest of the day writing them into sketches through improv - and rehearsing them - with Kevin. Everyone gets to be in a sketch. All they need to bring to the workshop is pen and a little paper.

It will be fun and Kevin promises not to nap during class.

Note: This is a two-day workshop, Sat Jan 18 and Sun Jan 19, 10AM - 5PM.