Story Pirates, with special guest Patton Oswalt


From the creators of the #1 podcast for families comes a hilarious musical sketch comedy show, based on stories written by real kids! The Story Pirates aren’t your typical swashbuckling sailors, and they don’t steal gold; they’re some of the best comedians from New York and Los Angeles, searching for kids’ wildest, most imaginative ideas to adapt and perform. Featuring hits from their award winning album "Nothing Is Impossible", the Story Pirates Live includes guitar playing horses, magic rhinos and exclusive videos that’ll blow your mind. Plus, at every performance, the cast improvises a brand new story written on the spot by the kids in the audience. This highly interactive show sparks the imaginations of kids and adults alike, inspiring everyone in the family to start telling their own stories. As Lin-Manuel Miranda recently exclaimed, “Have you not seen Story Pirates yet? Get on that.”