Dark Jeans with JoAnn Schinderle and guests Kristal Adams, Sharon Birzer, Caitlin Cook, Hanna Dickinson, Francesca Fiorentini and Shalewa Sharpe


    Brava Cabaret Sat, Jan 11, 2020 8:00 PM


    Periods are really having a moment, yet affordable access to period products are limited or nonexistent across the globe. ‘Period poverty’ is an issue that restricts menstrual humans from going to school, work, and being their beautiful social selves.

    Stand-Up Comic JoAnn Schinderle has lifted the veil on period shame and turned the conversation to laughter and action. DARK JEANS was created out of spite that “menstruation jokes are hack” and to that Schinderle said, “hold my menstrual cup”.

    DARK JEANS is Schinderle’s debut album produced by Cranival Studios and released on Comedy Dynamics that sat #1 on iTunes during the week of its release. Expect hilarious and sometimes jaw clenching menstruation fueled jokes, from poignant bits about how workplaces should provide period products to stories about a lover discovering a forgotten tampon during foreplay, if there’s one thing JoAnn is it’s grossly relatable.

    Schinderle tours DARK JEANS across the country raising period products for local shelters and transitional housing organizations. donations of pads, tampons, un-used menstrual cups, dark jeans, towels, etc. are highly encouraged.

    January 11th show features top-notch comics, Hanna Dickinson, Caitlin Cook, Kristal Adams, Shalewa Sharpe, Sharon Birzer, Francesca Fiorentini, and headliner JoAnn Schinderle.

    Period products donations will be sent to SF Homeless Youth Alliance.