VHS: Video Hunter Society



Pickford Film Center Fri, Jan 3 9:00 PM
Pickford Film Center Fri, Feb 7 9:00 PM
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Official Site:https://www.funtimecoalition.com/
Country of Origin:USA


Submitted for the approval of the Video Hunter Society, we’ll once again be plugging our old VCR into the projector at the historic Pickford Film Center for our sophomore event! Tickets just $3. Bring a VHS tape you’d like to see screened (anything you want, VHS ONLY, NO DVDs/Blu-rays), we’ll draw from a lottery and play the selected tape. It’s that simple! Unless of course your tape gets EJECTED! or has a technical meltdown (as old technology likes to do). If that happens your hosts will supply a killer rare mystery movie as backup. Don’t have a tape to bring? Don’t worry, just sit back and enjoy the show! The optional Tape Swap has expanded and will be held at 6pm until showtime! Buy or trade an old VHS, set up your own booth or just take a looksie, as we’ll have some rare video cassettes on display in the Pickford lobby.