Ibiza: The Silent Movie


Roxie Theatre Sat, Feb 8, 2020 7:15 PM
Film Info
Director:Julien Temple
Film Category:Documentary
Running Time:91 min.
Premiere:US Premiere


This is a story of extremes and the fight for the very soul of the White Island. A story of sensuality, hedonism, spirituality, ancient ways of life and new ways of living. An island, despite wave after wave of brutal occupation, whose free spirit of tolerance and acceptance of others has somehow managed to survive, absorbing, welcoming and sheltering people and cultures from around the Mediterranean and the world beyond. Ibiza’s bohemian heart now faces its strongest challenge yet: to continue to beat strongly in the face of the ever-growing annual invasion of wealthy socialites and the gentrification of the island in the name of progress.


To match the unique nature of the island itself, the film breaks new ground by delivering the first culture movie for audiences to dance to. The visual feast of original footage and archive, delivered silently with animation, graphics and text to enhance the narrative, combines with a pulsating non-stop soundtrack mixed by some of the world’s top DJs, enabling audiences to immerse themselves both physically and emotionally in the experience. -BBC


** On stage interview of Julien Temple by music critic and author Joel Selvin **


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