Earthwise: Bellingham Children's Film Festival



Pickford Film Center Sat, Mar 7 2:00 PM
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Country of Origin:Various
Language:English, nonverbal
Genre:Animation, Family Friendly
Programs:Children's Film Festival


Ages 8+, 61 mins Tickets just $5! This imaginative collection of international films is meant to inspire the youngest generation to protect the planet and take good care of all the fabulous creatures who call it home. You’ll also meet brave kids who learn to fight, if necessary, in order to do what’s right for the earth. Includes: Summer of the Ice Age (Japan), Moon Dog (Canada), White Crow (Croatia), The Calves (Germany), Trophy Hunter (USA), Too Much Rain (USA), Carpe Diem (UK), Saving Mr. Green (India) Join us in the lobby for interactive art activities!