Valiente y Verdadero (Brave and True): Bellingham Children's Film Festival



Pickford Film Center Sun, Mar 8 2:00 PM
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Country of Origin:Various
Language:Spanish w/ English subtitles, nonverbal
Genre:Family Friendly, Animation
Programs:Children's Film Festival


Ages 6+, 72mins Tickets just $5! This all-Spanish language program is filled with Latin American children who are brave and true, lighting up the lives of everyone they meet. There are also two beautiful animated films from Puerto Rico and Colombia, which remind us to fly high and free in everything we do. Esta programa, totalmente en Español, está lleno de niños que son valientes y verdaderos, quién iluminan las vidas de todas personas que conocen. También hay dos películas animadas muy hermosas de Puerto Rico y Colombia, que nos recuerdan que volar alto y libre en todo que hacemos. Includes: Pitiguá (USA/Puerto Rico), The Cubicbird (Colombia), Ramón (Columbia/Mexico), Maria Camila’s Gift (Colombia), Like Playing (Peru), Pasivo (Puerto Rico), Wild Lea (Columbia), 199 Little Heroes: Jesus from Mexico (Germany/Mexico) Join us for interactive art activities in the lobby!