Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire | 121mins | French, Italian with English Subtitles


Film Info
Release Year:2020
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Nov©mie Merlant
Adv®le Haenel
Luv†na Bajrami
Director:Cv©line Sciamma
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Marianne is hired to paint Heloise's wedding portrait. As Heloise has previous refused to have her portrait painted, Marianne pretends to be Heloise's maid in order to study Heloise's features in secret. Marianne soon drops the charade, and the two quickly develop a lasting bond.

The film is winning multiple prestigious awards for its breathtaking cinematography, its treatment of women, and its queer representation (they both live!). A historical love story, you don't need to appreciate art or speak French to enjoy this sumptuous treat.