Cane River

Cane River | 104mins |


Film Info
Release Year:1982/2020
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Tommye Myrick
Richard Romain
Carol Sutton
Director:Horace Jenkins
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Cane River is about one of the few free communities of color in Louisiana and a young man who returns home to fight for the rights of his people. It addresses colorism and other issues rarely addressed by mainstream cinema. It even has a bit of romance. Seems right up our alley, right? So why didn't we show this 38-year-old film sooner? Simple. The film was essentially lost. It was first screened in New Orleans in 1982, where it was financed and filmed, but before it could go further, the director died, and with him went the person and power to fight for the film. At the time, the New York Times said Cane River was "already a rarity: a drama by an independent black filmmaker, financed by wealthy black patrons and dealing with race issues untouched by mainstream cinema." Little has changed since then.

The film's negative was rediscovered in 2013 and quickly attained a mythic quality as people from different places and backgrounds working to preserve and research it. Now, the film is finally fully restored, and we can bring this historic film to you.