Extra Ordinary

Extra Ordinary | 94mins |


Film Info
Release Year:2019
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Maeve Higgins
Barry Ward
Will Forte
Director:Mike Ahern
Enda Loughman
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Rose can communicate with ghosts and hates it. Sarah needs to save her dad, Martin, from his nagging wife who died. Christian Winter needs to sacrifice Sarah to sell his soul and restore his rock career. And of course, a hell hole is about to open (it's Ireland), the world is about to end, and they're up against haunted traffic lights and possessed egg beaters.

A movie for people who think Ghostbusters wasn't funny or off-kilter enough, Extra Ordinary is a supernatural romcom horror film that's described as "defiantly odd," "joyous," and "a celebration of ordinary people and their victory over the greedy, powerful and selfish (and diabolical forces of darkness)."