Icing on the Cake: Bellingham Children's Film Festival (Sensory-friendly Screening!)



Pickford Film Center Fri, Mar 6 12:00 PM
Film Info
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Official Site:https://www.childrensfilmfestivalseattle.org/2020/icing-on-the-cake/
Country of Origin:Various
Language:English, non-English w/ English subtitles, nonverbal
Genre:Animation, Family Friendly
Programs:Children's Film Festival


Ages 2+, 74 mins Tickets just $5! This is a sensory-friendly screening. The sound is turned down, the lights are turned up, and moviegoers are welcome to talk, move around, and freely express themselves. These gentle, colorful animated films — filled with curious animals and adventurous kids — are all about singing, growing up, flying high and celebrating the magic of life, in all its lovely rainbow colors. Includes: Maestro (Italy), A Chick's Adventure (pictured) (Italy/France), Elephant (Germany), I Have a Little Cactus (Germany), Pickle Plum Parade (Japan), Pen&Magic (Japan), Kippkopp in the Snow (Hungary), Snail the Painter (Croatia), Koyaa: Elusive Paper (Slovenia), Little Thinks (China), Little Grey Wolfy — Summer Party (Norway), The Rainbow Giant (Taiwan), Sam’s Dream (France), Mister Paper Goes Out For a Walk (Belgium), Lullabies in Motion (USA)