VHS 3: Into the Limelight



Limelight Cinema Fri, Mar 6 9:00 PM
Film Info
Reason for rating:.
Official Site:https://www.funtimecoalition.com/vhs/liveevents
Country of Origin:USA
Language:French w/ English Subtitles


Previously on Video Hunter Society: Mr. Network’s plan to send 5CC Wrestling giant Jack the Ripper to ruin last month’s event backfired and in retaliation, The Network will be sending the Video Hunter Society to the Pickford’s brother from another mother, The Limelight Cinema, for the next round. But little does he know, there’s an even bigger surprise in store…. Submitted for the approval of the Video Hunter Society, The Video Wizard & Rewind the Robot have quested for a rare and unique VHS they can’t wait to show you! Join us right after Friday's Art Walk. There won’t be room to run a tape swap this time, and you won’t need to bring a tape, as we’ll unveil our mystery tape for all to watch! Although the actual movie will remain a surprise, this film was specifically selected with a large audience in mind. You won’t want to miss the shared experience of this hard to find gem, one night only. Tickets just $3